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some call me the gangster of love
17 July 2007 @ 09:24 pm
okay, so here's the thing. this has to be the most dramatic fandom i've ever been a part of, and that makes me sick to my stomach because it used to be such a fun place. drama is something i try to avoid in my real life as much as possible, so why on earth would i want to deal with it on the internets? this is a place i come to enjoy myself.

mostly the last straw for me came from people de-friending me for something i didn't do. yes, i had connections on both sides of this drama-fest, but i fail to see where that automatically makes me the guilty party.

i know what i didn't do, and that was rat anybody out to anybody. i have, thus far, stayed as far away as possible from this entire ordeal, and have yet to do ANYTHING that could be considered anything other than neutral. so fuck anybody who thinks otherwise, seriously. i'm a good person, and i'm a fair person, and i hold no mal-intent toward any one of you.

so basically, this is, in the most dramatic terms possible (ironically enough), my goodbye letter. i officially want nothing more to do with this fandom.

those who are important to me already know all of my contact info, so i beg you to use it because you guys made this experience worth it. those who don't and still want to keep in touch, my e-mail is balladofher@yahoo.com. i would love to hear from you (this is mostly directed at jeri and mandy, btw, because you are two of the more awesome people i've met during this).

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some call me the gangster of love
i got paid on friday, but after rent, utilities and groceries, i find myself with a balance of about $40 in my bank account. so this should be fun times, trying to make that last for two more weeks.

in better news, i'm wearing my rainbow bra today and actually got a decent parking spot for once (ie, i only had to walk across half of the campus instead of all the way across it). mostly i just want to go home and sleep, but i still have work and class to look forward to until 8:30 tonight. boo.

also, the guy next to me keeps trying to peek at what i'm typing. i'm about to hit him.
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some call me the gangster of love
14 November 2006 @ 11:03 pm

+ flocked!
+ i like slash, sushi, music and boys with big hands and messy hair
+ chances are, if you can make me laugh, i'll like you
+ comment to be added
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